Implementing Real-time Tracking For Fleet Management

Real-time Tracking For Fleet Management

Looking for ways to improve and optimise your fleet operations? Then real time tracking in combination with fleet management software is the real deal as it provides visibility into every aspect of the fleets. 

Real-time tracking for fleet management is a necessity for business operations that depend on the efficient movement of vehicles. With the help of real time tracking, fleet managers are not only able to track the location but also monitor fuel usage, engine hours, vehicle maintenance and much more.

Fleet management solution in combination with real time tracking, is revolutionising how transportation and logistics businesses carry out operations. For they are getting visibility into every aspect of the fleet operations. In this article, we have discussed what real time tracking is and how beneficial it is for enhanced fleet management.

What is Fleet Management?

Fleet management comprises monitoring and managing fleet vehicles and driver behaviour, which often includes real time tracking. Transportation and logistics businesses need to organise their fleet operations in a lucrative manner to increase productivity, reduce expenses, and ensure compliance with road rules and regulations.

What is Real-time Fleet Tracking?

Real-time fleet tracking allows businesses to locate and monitor their vehicles on the move in real-time. The system utilises technology such as GPS and telecommunications. Vehicles are installed with GPS trackers. The devices communicate with the satellites in orbit to determine the exact geographical location. 

However, the data received is raw and needs to be processed to be segregated into multiple use cases. This is done by fleet management software like TrackoBit.

What is Fleet Management Software?

Fleet management software, in combination with real time tracking data, is a powerful tool. The software allows fleet managers to organise, supervise and coordinate with their remote fleets in real time through the processed data. Additionally, it gives organisations a complete picture of their fleet’s activities.

The software monitors data for vehicle diagnostics, driving behaviours, maintenance requirements, fuel consumption, and more when connected to sensors, GPS trackers, and telematics devices. These sensors and GPS hardware are integrated into many modern vehicles, allowing hardware-free seamless communication via the software.

4 Ways To Implement Real-time Fleet Tracking

1. GPS Tracking Devices

Every fleet can use GPS tracking devices because they have both been around long enough. Every vehicle’s GPS location can be transmitted by wireless transmission, typically over a cellular network. If connected properly, the vehicles’ own electricity will power GPS devices, which can then transmit the data to depict each vehicle’s location.

2. OBS Plug-In Devices

You can broadcast more than just the fleet’s location. OBS devices connect to a port often located underneath the steering wheel. This reads data from vehicles. An OBS plug-in device can access data such as speed, velocity, brake pedal use, torque, and warning lights. Fleet managers can read real-time data on each fleet vehicle from fleet management software that device transmitters.

The OBS data is crucial because it can indicate whether a vehicle requires repairs, is in trouble, or is operating strangely. OBS gives location data depth and context.

3. GPS and Communication through to Driver Cellphones

Connecting via driver smartphones is the easiest way to use live tracking. Most people have access to or can obtain a cell phone; even feature phones work just fine.  An app that offers GPS tracking and real-time communication can be run through that. Messages can also be sent or the driver’s app.

4. Streaming Dash Cams

Dash-cams are cameras mounted all around the vehicle to record its position, surroundings, and movement, and are the final fleet-tracking technique. When people are on board, an inward-facing dash cam serves as a security camera, which may be crucial. A feed and a record of traffic conditions and the specifics of any possible incidents are produced by outward-facing cameras. These cameras are AI enabled which further enhances the security level.

What are the Benefits of Tracking a Fleet in Real Time?

Decreased Vehicle Theft

Companies lose an average of $30 billion from vehicle Thefts. To prevent such thefts, knowing their real time location can tremendously help. Efficient fleet management software allows you to set geofences, monitor fleet location and activities and send out alerts in case of anomalies. This helps to ensure that the drivers are sticking to the assigned routes.

Softwares like TrackoBit have a route replay feature, which helps to identify lengthy and unauthorised stops.

Improved Route Planning

Fleet management combined with GPS real time tracking provides updates on traffic conditions, road conditions and many other factors. This helps in assigning routes to vehicles and adapt to changes easily.

Another benefit of the software is that it provides trip history data accessible for 6 months. Analysis of trip history can reveal patterns and help in improving fleet performance.

What are the Benefits of Tracking a Fleet in Real Time?

Maximum Vehicle Utilisation

Real time tracking provides instant updates on vehicle location and utilisation. Fleet managers are getting insights into fleet operations. They get a clear picture of the vehicles working overtime or being underutilised. With the help of fleet tracking and management solutions, they can redistribute vehicles to areas and routes where the demand is low or high accordingly. 

This optimisation of the allocation of resources helps to ensure the utilisation of vehicles to maximum capacity.

Vehicle trackers identify idle or parked vehicles for an extended time, enabling fleet managers to take necessary actions to put the vehicles back in action or consider downsizing the fleet if required.  

Reduced Fuel Costs

Fuel cost is one of the largest expense for transportation and logistics companies. With real time tracking, fleet managers know where and when their vehicles are being used. Overspeeding and poor driver behaviour negatively impact fuel efficiency, thus increasing costs. 

But fuel monitoring solutions of fleet tracking software provide graphs and data on fuel consumption to detect abnormal fuel usage. Also, the software helps formulate the most efficient route for the vehicles that further reduces fuel consumption. Real time tracking plays a huge role in this as it tracks and ensures that the optimised route is followed. 

Driver and Vehicle Safety

Well-maintained vehicles greatly impact the safety of the vehicles and drivers. The data recorded through tracking devices can very well be interpreted to detect deteriorating vehicle health. Furthermore, driver behaviour monitoring identifies reckless driver practices.

Fleet management software helps create maintenance schedules with automatic alerting based on odometer readings. Many GPS trackers have built-in accelerometers and alert drivers and managers to the pattern of poor driving behaviours such as harsh braking, acceleration and harsh cornering. AI enable dashcams to provide fleet managers with visual visibility into distracted driving, tailgating and red light jumping.


With the new technology coming in daily, they simplify and enhance fleet management. Fleet-dependent companies enjoy multiple benefits such as enhanced visibility, cost savings, improved safety and better compliance, all thanks to real-time vehicle tracking. The combination of real time tracking and fleet management solutions is truly amazing.

TrackoBit is one such fleet management solution with numerous accolades associated with it. It has some of the most sought-after solutions, such as video telematics, fuel monitoring, and driver behaviour monitoring, to name a few. 

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Implementing Real-time Tracking For Fleet Management

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