GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

If you are looking for a flawless and complete Fleet Monitoring System then look no further. TrackoBit’s advanced solutions offer accurate tracking, impeccable analytics and insights into the fleet’s ecosystem.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions Get a First-hand Experience

GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions by TrackoBit Overview

You get a holistic GPS tracking solution for your fleet in TrackoBit. Whether you want a white-labelled fleet monitoring platform with custom solutions or without any customisation or white label at all, you’ll get an all-inclusive software platform as you want.

You can benefit from TrackoBit’s Fleet Tracking Solutions by increasing your overall fleet efficiency, reducing extra costs, garnering crucial insights and enhancing fleet safety.

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You can entrust TrackoBit with your vehicles’ safety, optimisation and data. It’s not only the accuracy and richness of insights but also the leakproof nature of our data that businesses trust us with their assets.

More About TrackoBit

GPS Fleet Monitoring Solutions You Need

A comprehensive GPS Tracking solutions software must offer everything that a fleet manager would need to optimise and simplify the job. If TrackoBit is the epitome of the best GPS Fleet Monitoring Software, we’ll throw light on the anatomy of the best GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions Software.

Route Planning Solution

Create trips, and adjust the order and time of the halts with a route planning solution. With the new-age automation technology, you get the best and the most optimised route connecting all the addresses you have fed into the software. Automatic route deviation alerts, dynamic ETA and multiple POD options make every fleet manager’s job a cakewalk.

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Video Telematics Software

Give your data collection wagon an added lane of metrics e.i. Visuals to ride on. Video telematics helps prevent unforeseen accidents, and improves driving behaviour and asset safety manifolds with DMS and ADAS. Features such as live streaming and recorded clips of the events captured take the game of data to another level.

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Fuel Monitoring System

Out of all the sensors such as TPMS, elocks, load and temperature sensors, a fuel monitoring system is the most asked for. Get the real-time fuel levels of every vehicle in your fleet round-the-clock. Instant alerts notify you of refills and possible pilferage. It also helps you better understand the fuel consumption pattern of your vehicles and get clarity into fuel expenses.

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Driver Behaviour Analysis

Analysing every move of a driver while on the road is the most crucial part of fleet operations. Overall fleet efficiency heavily depends on driving behaviour as it affects fuel efficiency, rate of wear and tear, TAT of deliveries and the safety of vehicles and consignment. Hence, you get a comprehensive analysis in the form of tables and charts on TrackoBit.

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Driver Management System

Drivers are the second most crucial assets in a fleet business after vehicles. How come their safety and ease be neglected? Driver app provides a platform for drivers to stay connected to the fleet manager, mark presence, upload DVIR and mark PODs. Similarly its easier for managers to assign trips, track drivers, and maintain their records online.

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  • How To Choose The Best GPS
    Fleet Monitoring Software Solution

    The aforementioned solutions are a must in a GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions. However, you must look for so much more beyond primary solutions. Following are some essential services that you shall look for in your GPS Fleet Monitoring Software provider.

  • How To Choose The Best GPS Fleet Monitoring Software Solution
  • Custom Solutions

    The ability to provide custom solutions to exclusive use cases defines the bandwidth of a GPS Fleet Tracking solutions provider. Make sure you join forces with only the best and get solutions to every problem you face along the way.

  • 24*7 Technical Support

    The software provider must be well-equipped to provide round-the-clock support to its global clients. In the fleet industry, the vehicles are always on the move and go places to deliver orders, hence, additional safety is a must.

  • Security and Scalability

    The software must be potent enough to withstand any malware attack. Data security and scalability must be the top priorities of the software provider. The software that upgrades with time and shoots regular updates is the right one.

  • Rich Data Analytics

    A pool of data is nothing if it doesn’t fetch some important insights. The richness of data is deduced from the quality of analytics the software provides. Hence, it’s important that the software offers a lot more than just tables and charts.

Looking for the right GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions? Look No Further!

Features Of Our
GPS Fleet Tracking Software

  • Analytical Dashboard

    Other than a normal dashboard that gives you a brief glance at your entire fleet, an Analytical Dashboard gives you in-depth insights into your fleet operations. Separate the best-performing assets from the least-performing ones. Get the real-time standing of your fleet’s performance via the dashboard.

  • Route Deviation Alerts

    Get instant alerts on your phone, email, or WhatsApp every time a driver/vehicle deviates from the assigned route. You get a detailed report on the deviations, including their frequency, location and time of deviation. Vehicle against driver and trip report is also produced by TrackoBit.

  • Geofences/POI

    TrackoBit’s GPS Fleet Tracking solutions allow you to create as many geofences as you need. The top-notch locational and geocode accuracy is guaranteed. Draw a polygon around a geo-coordinate and get real-time notifications every time a vehicle enters or exists the assigned geofence or POI. The best part, you get a consolidated geofence report on the geofence activities for every vehicle.

  • Offline Tracking

    It’s true that a GPS fleet tracking system would require an internet connection to operate at all. However, TrackoBit can monitor the movement and activities of vehicles in no internet zones as well. That’s the beauty of our software, that we do not compromise on data collection whatsoever.

  • Dynamic ETA and PODs

    Whether you are a 3PL company that delivers consignments for clients or an e-commerce platform that has to monitor its fleet last mile delivery operations, dynamic ETA is a must for customer satisfaction. Similarly, proof of delivery is equally important to ensure the successful and satisfactory delivery of orders. TrackoBit offers four types of them - eSign, OTP, code scanning and automatic.

  • Custom Alerts

    TrackoBit has created more than a hundred types of alerts so far. Our software is not only flexible enough to generate alerts for bespoke events but also, can withstand as many triggers as possible. Our GPS Fleet Monitoring Solutions come with enough room for tailor-made features and custom reports.

  • Announcements

    Announcements are a TrackoBit exclusive feature. It’s an interesting way to broadcast a message or news to your clients or transports. The assignee sees a pop-up with a text and a visual message when they login to the portal. You may use them to send wishes on special occasions such as birthdays, festivals, etc. or broadcast a technical glitch to all clients at once.

  • Technician Management

    Amidst paying a lot of heed to vehicles, drivers and consignments, how can we forget another very important stakeholder in fleet operations, the technicians? Fleet managers can assign tasks online to technicians and provide them limited access to only assigned vehicles. Technicians can mark their attendance, update the work status and also, add and update devices remotely on the app.

  • Vehicle Safety

    The GPS fleet tracking software offers myriads of solutions and features to optimise fleet operations. However, some crucial features that ensure vehicle safety are the SOS button, battery disconnection alarm, parking mode and immobilisation. Video telematics, route deviation alerts and e-locks are additional features that keep theft and mishappenings at bay.

Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • How Much Does GPS Fleet Monitoring Software Cost?

    The cost of a GPS Fleet Monitoring System varies depending on the solutions you opt for, the package of hardware and sensors you choose, the brand you finalise and other services offered to you. Some Fleet Monitoring Software providers charge merely a few couple of dollars per vehicle per month whereas some charge a few hundred dollars per vehicle per month. Some provider work on a monthly subscription basis whereas some prefer sharing the license for one-time payment. So, it’s tough to give you a range of costs.

    However, you can reach out to us to know more about TrackoBit’s solutions and services.

  • How is your GPS fleet tracking software different from other providers?

    TrackoBit is the most trusted name in the APAC and the global market. What makes our GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions special is the fact that we are a software company purely. We channelise all our energy into expanding and refining our software. In terms of tech, accuracy and robustness, there is hardly any software in the market that can compete with us. We offer the most sophisticated mix of software solutions including:

    - Video Telematics - ADAS & DMS

    - Route Planning and Optimisation

    - Sensor integration and support solutions - Fuel monitoring, Temperature monitoring, TPMS, Load Sensing, e-locks and more.

    - Driving Behaviour Analysis - Driver App, Score, etc.

    - EV Fleet Monitoring Solutions

    - Technician Management

  • How frequently does the GPS fleet tracking information update?

    The frequency of the update depends on various factors including the type of device used and the software’s own frequency of fetching data packets. However, signal strength, the battery of the device and the package you opted for may also affect the data frequency.

  • Can I track multiple vehicles on a single dashboard?

    Absolutely yes, the dashboard displays all the vehicles at once on the dashboard so, it’s easier to monitor the real-time status and update on each vehicle. However, if you want to track multiple vehicles’ live movements, it’s possible on TrackoBit’s Web Application. TrackoBit allows easy tracking of three vehicles simultaneously on the web portal. On the mobile application, you can track the live movement of only one vehicle at a time for the obvious reason, the display constraint.

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