Sim-based Tracking

What is Sim-based Tracking?

Sim-based tracking is a vehicle tracking strategy that keeps track of vehicles through a sim card and its network. It does not need any GPS trackers to know where a vehicle is, but that is why it is also not as accurate as GPS tracking.

When To Use Sim-based Tracking?

Sim-based tracking works wonders if:

  • – Businesses only need to know driver’s/vehicle location estimates
  • – The operations are in area where GPS networks cannot reach
  • – The business is using temporary/freelance drivers and do not want to share complete system access with them

How Does Sim-based Tracking Work?

Sim-based tracking is a 5-step process:

  • – Integration and Consent: Drivers’ phone numbers are entered in the system and they are then asked for tracking consent.
  • – Request: The manager hits the system to request for the driver/vehicle’s locational information.
  • – Signals: The closest towers to the vehicles stipulate the location of the vehicle/driver.
  • – Packet Sharing: All the information is shared between the cellular towers and the software and arranged to see movement sequence.
  • – Scheduled Parking: Managers can schedule parking times to avoid any manual inconsistencies and mistakes.

Difference Between Sim-based Tracking and GPS Tracking

Here are some core differences between GPS Tracking and Sim-based tracking:

  • – Locational Accuracy: GPS tracking captures the exact data, while sim-based tracking captures estimated location.
  • – Fleet Management: GPS tracking can facilitate an array of fleet management solutions, whereas SIM based tracking only allows location tracking.
  • – Internet: GPS tracking needs a stable Internet connection, while sim-based tracking doesn’t.
  • – Ease of Adaptation: GPS tracking both costs more and comes with a learning curve. SIM-based tracking comes with very low cost and has no learning curve.