Nearby Planning

What is Nearby Planning?

Nearby planning is a feature that allows drivers and managers to see the closest utility spots near the vehicle. Therefore, if a vehicle is running out of fuel, the software can detect the nearest fuel stations to the vehicle and hence, the driver or the manager can plan their route accordingly.

What is The Benefit of Nearby Planning?

A driver frequently requires essential facilities such as eating establishments, gas stations, and medical centers while on the road. Trying to find these institutions during an emergency, such as an accident, can be not only time-consuming, but potentially fatal if the situation is severe.

The nearby feature, which is accessible directly from the TrackoBit dashboard, allows managers to see all of the facilities that are available near a vehicle’s current location. This feature includes detecting the following services:

  • – ATMs
  • – Petrol Stations
  • – Hospitals
  • – Police Stations and Service Centers
  • – Shopping Centers, Restaurants, and CNG Stations

A usecase of this feature can be if a vehicle is involved in an accident and the driver requires transportation to a hospital, managers have two options. First, look for a nearby hospital or have the location of this hospital readily available. This is why managers must ensure that a list of all these facilities is available for drivers.