Document Management

What is Document Management?

Document management is a solution offered by field force management software that allows cloud storage, customizability, and higher information safety. It comes with its own set of features that helps make document handling simpler and much more efficient and easier on resources than physical document handling.

What Features Make Document Management?

You can expect the following features from a good document management solution from workforce management software:

  • Cloud Documentation: All documents are collected and stored on the cloud.
  • Custom Forms and Fields: Field executives and managers get to make unlimited
  • Document Safety: Employees and managers can lock certain sensitive documents.
  • Auto-fill: Pre-determined information is pre-filled in the forms for time-saving.

Benefits of Effective Document Management

  • Convenient: Cloud documents are convenient since everyone has a library on their phones and nobody has to carry a huge load of documents everywhere they go.
  • Confidentiality: Safety is maintained with document locks. Moreover, businesses can know if their documents are being shared unethically through shared tracking.
  • Cost and Time Effective: Executives can easily share feedback forms and the customers can fill them out whenever saving employee time. Moreover, many changes in the documents can also be done within seconds.
  • Environmentally Sound: Since all documents are handled online, there will be no paperwork involved, reducing the business’ carbon footprint.