What is Sales Force Automation Software?

What is Sales Force Automation Software?

Your workforce management software is great for managers. But, does it offer sales force automation? No? Then it’s probably time to ditch it.

Have you ever noticed how many things a sales representative has to do on the field? From hunting leads and maintaining customer data to logging sales information and maintaining sales goals, they handle a lot. They hardly have any time or energy to spare. However, with outdated workforce management software automation, they also need to take care of data entry. 

Do you want to help make your executives’ jobs less tedious? It’s time to look into sales force automation!

What is Sales Force Automation? 

Sales force automation is a tool that will help make your sales reps’ lives 10x better. How? By automating the most tedious and manual jobs in their profile. 

A sales force management software will automate inventory management, order and dispatch, and sales volume data entry, among other things. Therefore, the prime purpose of field force management software is to keep representatives’ attention from deviating to non-revenue generating tasks. 

When repetitive things that do not need the amount of time they take due to lack of automation are taken care of, sales representatives have much more time for things that necessarily require their efforts. Such tasks include lead generation, client persuasion, and sales management.

Why Should You Care About Sales Force Automation? 

According to a study by Forbes, sales reps get to spend less than even 36% of their time on their primary job, i.e. sales. Therefore, with 64% of their time and attention diverted elsewhere, imagine how many sales your sales executives and your business is missing out on! 

You can save all this time and much more with the help of a employee tracking software that can automate all the activity on the field. 

Some studies suggest that with the help of workforce management software, you can manage to bring down the time consumed in administrative tasks by 14%. Moreover, using it can also increase deal closures by about 30%.

There are two biggest reasons why you should care about sales force automation in your business:

    • Employee job satisfaction 
    • Sales volume boosting 

Management tools are meant to not only help simplify managers’ work but also field executives’ work. It is important to note that once you start managing your sales force right, you will see your company’s profits boost exponentially! 

Benefits of Using a Field Force Management Software 

Sure, field force management software is great because they allow managers to have complete supervision over their team. However, real productivity comes from the people working in the field and the way they are using the tools offered to them. Here are some benefits both employees and businesses feel with sales force tracking software:

  • Time-Saving: By cutting down on the time sales reps take to conduct administrative tasks, your organization saves a lot of time. Moreover, sales force automation features such as automatic dispatch can anyway save organizational and operational time. 
  • Resource Optimization: Your resources, i.e., your executives’ time are put into the right places when administrative and operational tasks are automated. Don’t waste your executives’ potential in data entry. 
  • Higher Accuracy: Humans are prone to error and might make blunders while entering data. However, with things such as automatic inventory updates, it is all figures for you to analyze and find better strategies. 
  • Employee Retention: When software aids not only managers but also executives, you’ll see an improvement in your employee retention rate. After all, by automating a lot of administrative work, you are essentially cutting down on their work stress. 
  • Streamlined Work: Automation does not leave scope for any unorganized functioning, After all, any change in one aspect of the operations affects the rest as well. Therefore, operational confusion reduces and a streamlined work environment prevails. 

Manage Your Sales Force With the Best! 

Do you have some gaps in your sales executives’ work expectations and realities? Are you looking for ways to make your executives’ work simpler and more productive? We’re sure that this blog must have made you see that using sales force management software might be the solution!

To get the most out of your investment, you should a software like TrackoField. Our flexible software and tireless support are the best way to get your sales team to perform its best!

What is Sales Force Automation Software?

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