The Next-Gen GPS Tracking Software with Multiple Channels of Communication

The Next-Gen GPS Tracking Software with Multiple Channels of Communication

It takes much more than a few hours of the day and a huge bank balance to run big fleets. Managing a fleet is like raising kids that demands time, effort and a little TLC.

With small fleets, it’s convenient to keep abreast of every activity. With the bigger organisation, it becomes harder to give an ear to all the grievances, enquiries or requests. Not just managing the vehicles and drivers, coordinating and following up with the GPS provider is also a challenge. For GPS trackers providers also it’s equally taxing to maintain/sort data, provide support, broadcast new offers or update the fleet owners on new features. 

TrackoBit spotted this concern of the fleet owners and GPS service providers and came up with a solution. Now they do not need to install new apps or mix personal and professional chats to discuss work. 

With our GPS Tracking Software, we provide different channels of communication for different needs. Let’s discover:

fleet management system by trackobit

  • Purchase Enquiry

There’s a dedicated Enquiry segment where the fleet managers can reach out to the GPS service provider with a purchase enquiry. They have the option to reply to the relevant enquiries and ignore the rest. They get essential details such as name, number, address and the type of enquiry.

Purchase enquiry proves beneficial when the fleet owners are looking for additional services, such as Tyre supply, fuel tracking, and Temperature monitoring. The service provider can reach out to them if they provide those services and ignore them in case they don’t.  

  • Announcement

Announcements are like a one-way communication channel that flows from top to bottom in the hierarchy. They can be in the form of a text, an image or a combination of both. When the GPS provider releases an announcement, the selected clients or fleet managers will see it when they log in to their account either on the web or mobile app. 

They come in handy to inform the fleet owners about licence expiry, vehicle pollution updates, subscription renewal, etc. It can also be used to announce technical issues, server problems or any other update. Announcements can be used to send festival greetings to multiple people and anniversary wishes to individuals as well. 

  • Tickets

Ticketing is like the support section on the portal where the complaint tickets are raised. Queries can be related to the services, features or something concerning the business. It’s like a chatroom for business-related conversations. It helps to take some burden off the support team as most of the queries can be resolved online over the Support chat room itself. 

The resolved queries go under the ‘closed’ section and the ones in the process keep shuffling between ‘Pending’ and ‘Answered’.  All the old and new conversations are archived under the ‘All’ section.

  • Alerts & Notifications

Alerts are like customised warnings that fleet managers may/may not opt for. There are more than 50 alerts on our portal. There are push notifications that give them a heads-up in case of over speed, ignition off/on, fuel refill/drainage, SOS, battery disconnection, etc. 

They also get a consolidated report of alerts and notifications with details such as what happened, exactly when and where it happened, along with the details of the vehicle. 

Our R&D team aims at enhancing our client’s experience. We do our best to optimise the operations of the fleet by making significant additions to the software. These communication channels not only simplify the process for fleet managers but also for the GPS providers. 

If you wish to know more about our software, feel free to reach out to us at or drop an enquiry here.

The Next-Gen GPS Tracking Software with Multiple Channels of Communication

Diksha Bhandari

Currently creating SaaSy content strategies for TrackoBit and TrackoField, this content professional has dedicated a decade of her life to enriching her portfolio and continues to do so. In addition to playing with words and spilling SaaS, she has a passion for traveling to the mountains and sipping on adrak wali chai.

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