How Video Telematics Secure on-road Vehicles

Accidents Hurt, Safety Doesn’t:
How Video Telematics Secures On-road Vehicles

40% of all motor vehicle accidents include commercial vehicles and work-related non-commercial vehicles.
Every year, 4,842 large trucks get involved in fatal road crashes in the US. The cost of a truck crashing can be
between $97,811 to $5,11,582. This brings us to the question - are roads safe?

Multiple Problems, Single Solution:
Video Telematics

Video telematics helps minimise accidents and investigate losses by capturing everything happening in and around the vehicle in real time. It offers forward collision supervision, driver supervision, side impact supervision, rear supervision, and interior/cabin supervision.

Dashcam Supervision Prevents Accidents

Dashcams connected to the AI act as the extra brake other than the one under the driver’s foot. The right footage at the right time saves multiple lives and prevents accidents from happening. In-cabin alerts and insightful reports help managers to better train drivers with evidential footage of their performance. AI-based video telematics is purposely reactive and proactive with onboard visuals to prevent all possibly risky situations on road.

Video Telematics increase on-road safety through
DMS and ADAS by

  • 38% decrease in accident costs
  • 44% decrease in insurance costs
  • 83% increase in vehicle protection

Benefits of Video Monitoring

Video Telematics helps fleets, drivers, and insurance companies by prioritizing driver safety, becoming the third eye for managers, reducing long-term expenses, promoting a culture of safety, and making investigation simple.

How Video Telematics Secure on-road Vehicles
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