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Time is Money: Save On-field Time Theft With Workforce Management Software

1 in 4 employees admits to logging fabricated working hours on the field and stealing up
to 45 minutes each day from their employers - amounting to about 2 days of stolen productive time in a month!

The only way to stop this is by adopting the right tools to monitor employee activity and productive hours on the field.

The Baddest Bandit Of All: Fabricated Attendance

Wrong attendance logs are the biggest cause of field employees being able to get away with frequent time theft. Timesheet fringing through practices such as buddy punching, hours adjhustment, etc, are notorious ways in which businesses suffer from invisible theft.

Bullet-proof Attendance Management To the Rescue

Attendance management systems facilitate accurate timesheet management on the field, allowing managers to have a deep and authentic look inot when employee log in and log out on the field.

They can even match this data with the actual productivity displayed by the employees to get complete proof and record of what is going on in the field.

Attendance management systems result in

  • 70% decrease in time theft
  • 100% accurate data representation
  • 20% decrease in employee procrastination

Benefits of Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management system helps businesses by prioritizing employee productivity on the field. The software becomes an omnipresent figure with field employees that helps reduce significant time theft through real-time attendance, task, distance, and productivity monitoring.

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