Oversee Everything That Happens in Your Fleet DMS event types Video Telematics system

Oversee Everything That Happens in Your Fleet

Your vehicles, drivers, and consignments’ safety is our priority. TrackoBit offers 360o visual fleet supervision for total driver monitoring and accident prevention. Video telematics solutions help reduce careless driving and financial liabilities. Gain total surveillance and control of your fleet at all times!

What We Offer

Complete Visual Verification
and Driver Vigilance

Add visuals to data collection and see your fleet profit and operational quality skyrocket. 100% surveillance gives you extra control over your fleet.

Complete Visual Verification and Driver Vigilance Visual Supervision 24x7 Livestreaming Reduced Liabilities
  • Visual Supervision

    Visually record the minutest details of your vehicle’s journey. Check how a vehicle got a scratch or what a driver is doing with real-time ready-to-access visual data on the dashboard.

  • 24x7 Livestreaming

    Never let any moment of your important vehicles and consignments be unsupervised. Real-time visual tracking will keep a view of every move and turn of the fleet to keep you updated.

  • Reduced Liabilities

    Reduce road accidents via visual vigilance. Insurance companies quote better premiums if you have preinstalled video telematics systems. Also, insurance claims become easier with visual proof.

Two Pillars of Video Telematics Software

Giving a visual support to your telematics data is not enough. Providing an alround
visual supervision is our objective.

  • Driver Monitoring System

    Driver Monitoring

    DMS monitors the in-cabin activities of drivers.
    It captures the event, stores the visuals and
    generates an insightful report.

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  • Advanced Driver Assistance System

    Advanced Driver
    Assistance System

    ADAS allows the monitoring of outside-the-
    vehicle activities such as on-road practices,
    signal violations, etc.

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The Future of Driving With DMS and ADAS

Get an AI-powered Driver Management System and Advanced Driver Assistance System

With our advanced white label fleet management system know if your drivers
are attentive on the road and if your vehicles are being driven safely.

  • Manage Careless Driving

    Careless or risky driving behaviour such as drowsiness, smoking, distraction, or absence are promptly reported to the software.

    Better Driving Assistance

    Forward, backward, and sideways collision alerts improve driving accuracy. Small accidents can be prevented through smart assistance.

    Screenshots and Clips

    Whenever drivers do something risky or the vehicle is in jeopardy, you’ll receive screenshots and videos to notify you about the situation.

  • The Future of Driving With DMS and ADAS
  • Advanced Collision Alarm

    Through ADAS, your video telematics software system will alert you when a collision is about to happen for instant prevention.

    Analytical Dashboard

    Want to see how your fleet is performing? Get a comprehensive and analytical dashboard that comprises graphical and churned data.

    Relax Your Resouces

    You and your drivers can save a lot of time through automation. Accurate data analysis helps make better business decisions.

What You Get

Better Operations Because of Visual Insights

Prioritize vehicles, drivers, consignment, and their safety while reducing
operational, maintenance, and insurance costs.

Better Operations Because of Visual Insights
  • Complete Control

    Get statistical and analytical data with visual references from the dash cams to make informed in-the-moment decisions if required.

  • Exponential Profits

    Lower your fleet’s operational costs by mitigating anomalies and reducing liabilities with advanced video telematics solutions.

  • Customer Relations

    Keep customers content that their goods are in responsible hands. Share the livestream link and other details to improve client relations.

Nothing Goes Unnoticed
In a Smart Fleet

Video Telematics Software documents
all visuals from in and out of your vehicles

Place front- and back-facing dash cams in your vehicles and you’ll be in tune with your drivers’ in-cabin activities. Leave no details with live streaming and look back at specific instances with playback. Go beyond manual fleet management and guesswork with video telematics.

  • Insightful
  • Collision
  • Instant event
  • Analytical
  • Informed
  • Zero rule

What’s in Store for Drivers

Omnipresence Helps Both Ways

You use evidence and alarms to manage productivity while drivers
can manage their on-road safety

Omnipresence Helps Both Ways Driver Scores Fatigue Alarm
  • Fatigue Alarm

    In case drivers get tired due to excessive driving, an alarm will ring within the vehicle. Drivers can decide to rest before continuing to avoid risks.

  • No False Blame

    Drivers are valuable assets to the fleet. They can’t be blamed for accidents they aren’t responsible for, and your insurance claims will be easier.

  • Driver Scores

    Drivers get more accurate feedback through visuals. Performance is summarised into scores, promoting healthy competition and performance evaluation.

Your Fleet Is Safe With Us

Reduce road accidents by making vehicles safer for themselves
and their surroundings

Your Fleet Is Safe With Us

Distracted driving leads to 10% of the total fatal crashes in the USA. Shocking, right? With video telematics, you can control these numbers and facilitate investigations.

Video telematics software also prevents theft and other fraudulent activities. Secure your fleet physically and financially with TrackoBit!

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form

  • Can you get both inside and outside views of vehicles with your GPS tracking software?

    Yes! You can get whatever footage you want from our FMS system, as long as you put the cameras in the right positions. To get a view of both the driver and the road ahead, you can place front and back dash cams in your vehicle.
    You can integrate just about anything with TrackoBit. Therefore, you can get as much surveillance as you need with our software.

  • Does your FMS’s video telematics help increase total organizational revenue?

    The biggest way video telematics software will help increase organization revenue are:
    - Reducing operational costs
    - Reducing maintenance costs by minimizing accidents
    - Helping managers strategize better through complete fleet surveillance
    TrackoBit’s FMS solutions will definitely increase total organizational profits. However, you might have to be patient to be able to view the results.

  • How will video telematics make roads safer for everyone?

    Video telematics itself can make roads safer for everyone as managers get a better idea of what driver behaviour can be leading to more accidents on road, mitigating it altogether.
    However, roads become even safer when video telematics is paired with things such as AI-enabled DMS ADAS. Through these functions, managers can get an idea of the smallest of driving anomalies, making the whole car-on-road experience safer for everyone.

  • Can video telematics help in facilitating self-driving cars?

    Yes! Video telematics and having complete visibility of a vehicle’s safety is the first step toward completely autonomous vehicles. Obviously, the whole process needs much more, such as better network connections, etc. However, if vehicles are not aware of their surroundings both through data and visuals, autonomous cars will not be possible.

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