Telematics has revolutionized the Transport and Logistics Industries to the core. Gone are the days when only tracking the vehicle in itself was seen as a groundbreaking innovation.  Did you know that Vehicle theft is the least solved crime in India? You would not believe, in the Nation Capital itself, only 19.6% of cases were solved out of 44,158 vehicles stolen.  Fleet Managers across the world are concerned about the security of not only their vehicles but also drivers and assets. Many Fleet owners have cracked the solution to these problems.  Let’s discuss some must-have features that your Fleet Management Software shall offer.  

If we say this feature makes vehicles theft-proof, we are not wrong. Once you Lock the vehicle, it is impossible to start it as the ignition wire gets disconnected remotely. Even if the driver tries to start the vehicle by turning the key, the vehicle will not start.  It is enabled the very moment you tap on the Lock button on the app. You can Lock/Unlock vehicles from anywhere, and guess what, it does not require SMS verification. 

  • Parking Alarm

Park vehicles anywhere at any hour of the day for as long as you want. Turn the parking mode on to enable an alarm that goes off when the vehicle moves.  Consider it an anti-theft alarm, that gives you a heads-up even when the vehicle is getting towed or the ignition is turned on. You have complete control over your fleet. You can manually turn the parking mode on from your app or schedule the parking for later. It not only ensures the safety of your vehicles but also guarantees you a good night’s sleep. 

  • SOS Button

Drivers are always on the move, exposed to risk while on the job. Their safety is their manager’s responsibility. SOS buttons ensure that in case of an emergency, drivers’ can trigger an alarm to notify the manager.  The panic button is strategically placed so that it is within reach of the drivers. You also receive a notification with the details of the vehicle, the exact location of the vehicle and the time when the panic button was pressed.  You may ask the nearby vehicles to check on the driver. You may yourself reach there by following the location.

  • Battery Disconnection Alert

Batteries have a resale value of 50% of the original price and don’t usually have any marks of identification, which is why motor batteries are one of the most favourite targets of thieves.   Battery Theft is a matter of concern for many transporters. We took it on ourselves to resolve the problem. We came up with this amazing feature, a Battery Disconnection Alarm that goes off, in case the battery gets disconnected from the device.  Whenever the tracking device stops receiving the current from the battery, the alarm starts buzzing, warning the transporter to act immediately.  We, at TrackoBit, strive to deliver our best to ensure 100% fleet efficiency and security for our clients. We keep upgrading our software by adding new features. Our clients’ problems are like use cases for us that we fix with a fool-proof solution.   Are there some gaps in your Fleet Management system? Are you looking for a complete telematics solution that you can rely on entirely? Reach out to us and we will get back to you with an effective solution. 

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