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safety to the forefront of overall business growth.

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What is
Expo Seguridad?

Expo Seguridad Mexico is the world’s biggest conference wherein the giants and who’s who of the security and surveillance industry come together under one roof for a couple of days.

In its long and rich history of twenty years, Expo Seguridad has garnered popularity in various sectors - Information Technology, Telecommunication, automation, law enforcement and many more.

Know More About TrackoBit
What is Expo Seguridad? Know More About TrackoBit

TrackoBit’s Team at Expo Seguridad Mexico

TrackoBit, the leading Telematics software provider in the subcontinent, is coming to
Mexico City for the largest event for the security industry in Latin America.

  • Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023

    Check out the glimpses of the event’s 20th edition.

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  • Expo Seguridad Mexico 2024

    Join the future of security excellence at the 21st edition.

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A Glimpse of TrackoBit at Expo Seguridad

Hola Amigos! Here’s how our team TrackoBit navigated through the three-day event in Mexico.

TrackoBit is Going Places!
TrackoBit is Going Places!
TrackoBit is Going Places!
TrackoBit is Going Places!
TrackoBit is Going Places!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When and where can I find Team TrackoBit at Expo Seguridad Mexico 2023?

    You can find team TrackoBit at stand: 2444, Citibanamex Center in New Mexico City from 18-20th April 2023. However, our team will be in Mexico for almost a week, visiting our existing and potential clients in Mexico and neighbouring countries.

  • Is there a registration fee for Expo Seguridad: the trade show?

    No, there are no registration charges for early birds but if you register yourself after 14th April 2023, you will have to pay a nominal fee to register yourself.

  • Was TrackoBit part of Expo Seguridad 2022?

    TrackoBit participated in the last edition of Expo Seguridad as a visitor. We gathered some experience, expertise and exposure the last season, and we’ll come all geared up this time. Expo Seguridad 2022 was a hell of an experience.

  • How do I register as a visitor for Expo Seguridad Mexico?

    You can visit the official website of EXPO SEGURIDAD Mexico and register yourself as a visitor. Here’s link: Registration.

  • What are the Solutions TrackoBit is Exhibiting at the Expo?

    Software solutions from TrackoBit at Expo Seguridad in Mexico include - field employee tracking software, Fleet management software, Video Telematics software, Route planning solutions, Driving Behaviour Analysis, Last Mile Delivery, and Order Management, to name a few. TrackoBit has a vast suite of software solutions optimising mobility, delivery, dispatch, and logistics.

  • What is Expo Seguridad Industrial 2023?

    In the year 2002 Expo Seguridad was inaugurated with the objective of bringing all the companies, personalities, and small and big names in the surveillance and security segment together. However, in 2007 a complementary event - Expo Seguridad Industrial Mexico was launched, catering the Industrial safety segment covering the verticals of occupational health, hygiene, fire safety and many more. Ever since both events are held together at the same time, at the same venue. Expo Seguridad industrial 2023 is also happening from 18th-20th April at Citibanamex Center in New Mexico City.

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