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What is Fleet Management Software?

The fleet management system is a toolkit that uses various solutions to optimise the operations of a fleet business. From tracking and organising to optimising, this system simplifies it all. It allows managers better facilities to make their fleet error-proof by decluttering their functions.

The fleet management solutions that this system has to offer work on individual challenges that the fleet business faces and make way for them to become profitable. Fleet management software South Africa automates a lot of the functions executed by managers, helping them grow their productivity.

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Tracking with Fleet Management Software in South Africa

TThe idea of tracking vehicles manually is daunting. This is why Fleet Management System South Africa ensures that this process reduces to just a couple of clicks. Managers can access their vehicle's location in real time right from the fleet management software. Thus, there is nothing but flawless tracking on your way to growth!

Why Track Your Vehicles With Fleet Management System in South Africa?

As we mentioned above, manual tracking can be the root of several kinds of inconsistencies in fleet operations. These include monetary losses, vehicle theft, bad route planning and frequent accidents. Nobody wants their fleet business to be known for their bad service. This is why letting a GPS tracking system do the work is the best decision.

Having a reliable fleet monitoring system allows you to build your optimisation strategies on a strong foundation. Inconsistent no more when fleet tracking software is here to save the day!

Build a Strong Fleet Management System in The South Africa

Gaining Customer Trust With Fleet Management Software in South Africa

Clients using our fleet management system in Africa base their customer relations on the two following factors - high-quality services and better communication. These strategies have helped several fleet businesses improve their clientele, leading the way for the company's growth. After all, word of mouth is the best advertisement for any business.

Fleet management system solutions in South Africa, like route planning and driver behaviour analysis, help managers provide customers with accurate reports. Sharing the ETA of their vehicles means that clients are always in the loop, updated on when the vehicle can reach their locations. POD also eliminates any chance of theft, allowing fleet businesses to save the money previously wasted on pilferage.

Fleet businesses experienced a 54% improvement in customer service because of fleet tracking.

Getting to Know Fleet Management Software in South Africa

While the list of fleet management companies in South Africa is quite long, there are few that are able to stand out. TrackoBit is one of the leading fleet tracking software South Africa for a reason. With dynamic solutions and a customisable interface, it is trusted by customers all over the nation. And rightfully so!

This system is built to help fleet businesses track, monitor and assist their fleet drivers. With data collection, managers can see where their operations are lacking and work to rectify any loopholes. It reduces the clutter that businesses face when they manually manage their fleets. With efficient communication between managers and drivers, there is little chance of errors in operations. Streamlining this process can make sure that fleet businesses are productive.

What Solutions Does Fleet Monitoring
Software in South Africa Offer?

The solutions that this system has to offer are plenty. They play a role in optimising each and every operation a business executes.

Live Tracking

With the help of a GPS tracker, the fleet management system in South Africa can detect the live location of fleet vehicles. They can also trace their path to see the routes adopted by this vehicle. This tour history gets saved in the server for future access.

Video Telematics System

With the addition of dashcams to vehicles, this system allows managers to watch the live footage of their drivers and vehicle’s surroundings. Thus, they can look out for any events like distracted driving, collisions and sudden lane changes that might cause accidents.

Asset Tracking System

The tracking system helps managers track their consignments as well. This means that they do not have to worry about things like theft and misplacement. These solutions can also help them track their off-road equipment, regulating their operations for better safety.

Fuel Monitoring System

This solution allows managers to access the live fuel levels of their vehicles and track their mileage. Thus, they can detect any pilferage attempts and also ensure that drivers adopt eco-driving methods for better fuel preservation and, in turn, better profits.

Route Planning System

Managers can use these solutions to pre-plan the routes for their vehicles by adding in their halts and their sequences. With the help of route deviation alerts, they can ensure that drivers do not stray from their decided routes. Thus, they can ensure systematic operations.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring System

A fleet business can be a victim of frequent accidents due to bad driving. Accidents can cost these businesses money, resources and productivity. Driver behaviour monitoring system allows managers to detect and eliminate bad driving, making the fleet safer.

All these fleet maintenance management systems solutions South Africa some together to help fleet businesses optimise their business. They help them study and understand their fleet better, making operations much more vision. Thus, managers do not have to worry about flaws disrupting their profitability.

55% of fleet businesses experienced lowered fuel costs after using fuel monitoring solutions.

How To Choose The Right Fleet Management Software In South Africa?

When choosing an automation system for your fleet business, always ensure that it focuses on all your requirements. Both the GPS tracking system and the fleet monitoring system might look similar on paper but differ in many regards.

  • GPS Tracking Software

    A GPS tracking system helps managers stay updated about their vehicle’s location. Thus, they don't have to manually track the vehicle's location via constant communication from the driver. This makes remote management so much easier.

  • Fleet Management Software

    Fleet management system is the complete toolkit that helps businesses track and optimise their operations. It includes several solutions that focus on data collection and present them in the form of actionable insights highlighting their shortcomings.

GPS Tracking Software

Fleet Management Software

  • Real-time Tracking

    Managers get to track the live location of their vehicles. Thus, they can detect if the vehicle is in any suspicious or harmful area.

    The system tracks several parameters, including location, fuel, driving behaviour and assets, for holistic optimisation.

  • Safety

    Location tracking helps reduce vehicle theft. Managers can also track if their automobiles travel through dangerous or damaging routes.

    Managers can reduce accidents by cutting down bad driving, eliminating vehicle and battery theft, and monitoring parked vehicles.

  • Reduce Cost

    GPS tracking requires more manual input from managers, like location-based route planning, to regulate the expenditure.

    Helps businesses reduce their fuel cost and also preserves their money by reducing vehicle damages by promoting eco-driving.

  • Data Collection

    Locational data helps managers plan their fleet's tasks better. This data is available to them in the form of reports as well.

    The reports this system has cover more categories. Managers can study their driving patterns, fuel consumption, etc.

  • Customisation

    There is little to no scope for customisation with GPS tracking software.

    Managers can customise their solutions, interface, alerts, and also their branding with the system.

  • Scalability

    A GPS tracking system is limited to simple location updating. It is more suitable for small-scale businesses.

    Fleet management systems can help large businesses collect and add more data by integrating APIs into their databases.

  • Compatibility

    Managers can use several kinds of GPS devices with the system with its high level of compatibility.

    This system helps managers integrate any kind of device, ranging from GPS trackers, sensors, emergency buttons, and eLocks.

GPS tracking can be beneficial for fleet businesses that only need a few optimisation strategies. They can use live tracking to see if their vehicles are actually on their way to complete tasks. Thus reducing the possibility of time theft as well.

On the other hand, managers can use fleet management system solutions to monitor the performance of their fleet. Data thus collected can prove to be beneficial as managers have accurate data to refer to and see where their business is lacking.

FeaturesTo Consider When Choosing a
Fleet Management System In South Africa

Some features that fleet businesses should not miss out on when looking for a suitable fleet management system South Africa.

Servicing and Maintenance

Managers can use the fleet maintenance management system South Africa to schedule vehicle check-up reminders.

Analytical Dashboard

The system allows managers access to actionable insights right in front of the dashboard. They can study this data and decide their fleet operation strategy,

Vehicle Diagnostics

The system uses reading from the OBD scanner to give managers real-time status of their engine health, tyre pressure, etc.

Route Deviation

The system alerts managers every time their vehicle strays off their designated path, thus ensuring they do not travel from bad roads.


A virtual boundary that alerts managers every time the vehicle enters or exits the marked area. It is easier to inform drivers of important areas using this feature.

Access Management

Managers have the power to choose what data the user, admin, and transporter can access in the system. Thus reducing data leakage.

Could Fleet Management Get Any Easier?

One fleet management software for all your fleet-related needs!

Benefits of Using Fleet Tracking System In South Africa

  • Report Generation

    The system helps fleet businesses shift to more data based operations. The reports are categorised and well sorted to make the manager's role easier. Managers can study the data presented and even strategise driver training programs to grow the business’ quality.

  • Time Efficiency

    Fleet management software South Africa ensures that automation reduces managers’ and drivers’ time consumption. They don't have to spend time planning routes or asking drivers for their location. Instead, they can divert this saved time towards other fleet operations.

  • Boosted Visibility

    Managers are better able to access their vehicle’s location and activities. They get to see which drivers are performing well and which need more help. It also becomes easier for managers to incentivise their hardworking drivers with the help of data. Thus, boosting drivers' satisfaction.

  • Carbon Footprints

    The system sends managers eco-driving alerts that help them ensure their drivers adopt good driving practices on the roads. These alerts can be for overspeeding, idling, harsh braking, or anything damaging the engine. This helps reduce their fleet’s carbon emissions.

  • Higher Profitability

    With the fleet reducing its fuel consumption and vehicle replacement rates, the business is able to save a lot of money. This means that the cost of covering losses reduces, letting the managers make more profits out of the same budget. It also helps fleet businesses increase clients.

  • Greater Productivity

    Better management methods and automation can help both drivers and managers save time. This time can then be redirected towards other fleet operations, thus boosting the overall productivity of the fleet business and ultimately translating to monetary profits.

45% of fleet managers, executives, and other mobile-business professionals achieved positive ROI in 11 months or less with fleet management solutions

Industries that Fleet Monitoring Software in South Africa Tracks

Several industries can benefit from investing in a fleet management system in South Africa. It helps them track their fleets better and the custom solutions help them choose which operations they want to focus on during optimisation. Thus, decluttering their fleet management process and stepping towards an efficient fleet business.


The logistics industry uses fleet maintenance management software to ensure that their consignment transportation is safe. They can share the ETA with customers for better communication. POD also helps reduce any kind of consignment theft.


Managers can use this system to ensure that their vehicles are productive. They can also keep vehicles out of areas with cattle using geofences. The system uses a concave hull method to calculate the precise farm area.

Waste Management

This industry has vehicles that need planned routes meant to make garbage collection easy and eliminate overlapping between vehicles. The system makes this very easy, helping managers use sensors to monitor garbage levels and plan routes accordingly.


The perishable goods industry needs to ensure their vehicles are time efficient and maintain ideal temperatures inside reefers. Sensor integration allows the managers to regulate the reefer temperature and give the goods a long shelf life.

Construction and Mining

This industry relies heavily on heavy duty equipment. Fleet asset management software South Africa ensures that they can track these machines' location, productivity, performance and working hours. Thus boosting vehicle and construction workers’ safety.

National Security

Managers belonging to this industry need to help drivers patrol areas, thus benefiting from the route planning system. They can also use GPS tracking to ensure accurate dispatch of officers to emergency situations closest to the location.


This system helps healthcare businesses deal with both transportation fleets and ambulance fleets. It uses cold-chain supply vehicles to preserve medicines and vaccines. Managers can also ensure good ambulance maintenance for smooth operations.

Rental Vehicles

Managers of this industry need to entrust their vehicles to strangers. Thus, live location tracking prevents vehicle theft. They can also integrate emergency buttons with the vehicles to ensure driver and passenger safety in case of breakdowns or accidents.

Public Transport

For public vehicles like buses, managers need to create well-thought routes. This system helps them do so via automation. They can also use ETA to ensure that the vehicles reach assigned stops on time, informing the passengers in case of delay.

  • Why Choose TrackoBit’s Fleet Management Solutions in South Africa?

    We have deduced that automation for fleet management in South Africa can be very advantageous for your fleet business. The solutions that fleet monitoring software offers make it very easy for managers to make data-driven decisions. But out of the software in the market, which one is the best for your business? TrackoBit is one of the best fleet management software South Africa and can be the best suited for you.

  • Why is TrackoBit the Best Fleet Management Software in   South Africa
  • 24x7 Support

    Contact our team at any time of the day, and our team will help you mitigate all kinds of issues related to our fleet management solutions. We will never let our software get in the way of your fleet productivity with prompt problem solving.

  • Custom UI/UX

    Select what your users will experience once they open the portal. Select what works best with your fleet business’ tone and make it a part of your custom branding. From the colour to the logo, customise all visual aspects of your application.

  • Technician Management

    Get a separate portal to manage your technicians. Allot tasks and check status all through the same application. Manage the access technicians get for vehicle information and locational data.

  • Driver Application

    Integrate a driver application with the fleet management system Johannesburg and track your driver’s HOS. Also, maintain driver scores to incorporate healthy competition that can positively impact the overall productivity of the fleet business.


TrackoBit is a software that brought me the solutions I needed for optimising my fleet business. The team helped me understand and integrate the system completely, taking away my worries. Their fleet management software in general is very simple to operate even for people not very familiar with technology. So kudos to the company for their amazing work.

Themba Gumede

TrackoBit is a software that brought me the solutions I needed for optimising my fleet business. The team helped me understand and integrate the system completely, taking away my worries. Their fleet management software in general is very simple to operate even for people not very familiar with technology. So kudos to the company for their amazing work.

Themba Gumede

TrackoBit is a software that brought me the solutions I needed for optimising my fleet business. The team helped me understand and integrate the system completely, taking away my worries. Their fleet management software in general is very simple to operate even for people not very familiar with technology. So kudos to the company for their amazing work.

Themba Gumede

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