Top 7 Leading Telematics Companies

Top 7 Leading Telematics Companies

Investing in the best telematics software can help elevate and optimise your fleet operations. Here is a list of the top 7 telematics companies to choose from. 

For efficient fleet operations management, it is vital for transportation and logistics businesses to invest in the best telematics software. Regardless of size, fleet companies greatly benefit from the data delivered by telematics companies. 

When it comes to investing, choosing the leading telematics company becomes absolutely vital. In this article, we review top telematics providers checking the most boxes. 

Top 7 Leading Telematics Companies

1. TrackoBit

trackobit- white label gps tracking software

TrackoBit is the best Indian telematics company, with half a decade of experience backing its success. It has become the prime choice for fleet tracking and management in 30+ countries. With solutions like real-time GPS tracking, driver behaviour monitoring, driver management, trip and route creation and planning, video telematics and driver behaviour monitoring, the software leaves no scope for blindsidedness. Additionally, TrackoBit’s real-time accuracy is unmatchable, making it an undefeatable champion in the telematics industry.

Strengths of TrackoBit’s telematics software:

2. Verizon Connect


Verizon Connect is an extension of Verizon Business, a New Jersey-based fleet telematics company. This telematics solution provider serves more than 2 million customers. It offers a suite of telematics features and solutions, including GPS fleet tracking, maintenance alerts, ELD compliance, performance reporting, and vehicle diagnostics. 

Right from long haul trucking to local government fleets and small businesses to large companies, Verizon Connect’s telematics software serves the purpose of all companies.

Strengths of Verizon Connect’s Telematics Software:

  • Fast data refresh rate (30 seconds)
  • Advanced driver KPI features
  • Automatic route creation based on driver availability

3. Azuga

AZUGA Company

Azuga offers route optimisation and multi-sequencing for businesses. Its tools are effective for logistics companies looking to reduce fuel consumption and skyrocket driver resources.

Its standout feature is its fully customisable data refresh times on the software. Although it is on par with Verizon and Samsara’s 30-second refresh rate, you can customise the speed as you see fit, between 30 seconds to 59 minutes. This is also available along with other great tracking tools, including the breadcrumb view to track every vehicle on the live map. 

Strengths of Azuga’s Telematics Software:

  • Suggests efficient driving routes
  • Insightful fuel usage reports
  • Monitor driver activity with geofencing

4. Geotab


Geotab has to be one of the best telematics software for logistics and telematics companies to invest in. It leads the telematics market with 2.1 million subscribers. It leverages data analytics and machine learning to help its clients escalate productivity, optimise fleet, reduce fuel usage, guarantee driver safety, and achieve regulatory compliance. 

Strengths of Geotab’s Telematics Software:

  • Sustainable electric vehicle tracking
  • Data security through authentication and encryption
  • Fuel management for fleet optimisation

5. Samsara

Samsara route

Samsara offers dispatch management, enabling fleet managers to select the best vehicle and route for jobs and determine anticipated departure times based on travel time, time spent on site, and traffic conditions. Additionally, it offers preventive maintenance.

its automatic route optimisation function offers precise calculations (at a maximum of 20 stops) to maximise the effectiveness of your trip. 

Samsara driving style data analysis allows you to build a complete picture of your safety trends and improvements over time. In the case of harsh events such as acceleration, brakes, turns and crashes – you can set your own custom sensitivity on what is considered harsh enough to be registered, which gives greater control over reporting.

Strengths of Samsara’s Telematics Software:

  •  Increases dispatch efficiency
  •  Excellent driver management tools
  •  30-second to one-minute data updates

6. Solera

Solera Company

As a division of cutting-edge telecommunications giant Qualcomm, Omnitracs was established in 1998 to give transportation companies the capacity to track assets and interact with drivers in almost real-time. 

Omnitrac’s high-performance telematics tools are built on decades of transportation and logistics know-how. Combined with expertise in leading-edge AI and machine learning, it guides vehicles’ journey toward greater video-based safety and data-informed decisions. It reduces the geographical gap between fleet managers and drivers through easy-to-use applications.

Strengths of Solera’s Telematics Software:

  • Elevating driver efficiency through modern solutions
  • Amplifying safety through video-based safety programs
  • Leverages AI and machine learning 

7. Trimble

Trimble Company

Trimble is a California-based industrial technology company operating in the fleet telematics space. Its target market is trucking companies, freight brokerages, and Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers.

Trimble Transportation is the company’s multi-modal solution group, including long-haul, on-road commercial vehicles, field service management, rail and construction logistics and more. With the acquisition of Transporeon, Timble is able to further accelerate and strengthen the connect and scale industry cloud strategy.

Strengths of Trimble’s Telematics Software:

  • Precise mileage and driver time calculation
  • Trip optimisation by load matching and fuel management
  • Transport technology that ensures drivers are compliant with rules and regulations

Wrapping Up!

For logistics and transportation fleet companies, it’s vital for them to invest in telematics software companies helping them level up the fleet operations. Most importantly, have provision for EV adoption in the fleet as it’s the demand and requirement of the time. 

TrackoBit is the leading telematics software with 5+ years of experience, leading choice in 30+ countries. It is fully customisable and adaptable for all fleet sizes across industries.

Get your demo here now.

Top 7 Leading Telematics Companies

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