How Can GPS Tracking Improve Your Last-mile Deliveries?

How can GPS Tracking Improve your last mile Deliveries

By channeling the power of GPS tracking and real-time data, you are setting yourself to take your last-mile delivery business to the next step!

There is no way you can compromise on customer experience in last-mile deliveries.

Last-mile delivery businesses are constantly developing innovative ideas and ways to improve their delivery processes, strategies, and meet customer expectations. GPS tracking is crucial to bringing together customer expectations and cost-effective deliveries. 

Businesses like Amazon or Walmart might have inexhaustible resources, but they, too, require GPS trackers

GPS tracking software helps improve deliveries by providing real-time tracking data and route optimisation solutions, helping your business be cost-effective and optimised.

What is The Role of GPS Tracking in Last-mile Delivery Businesses?

Technology is pivotal in the transportation and logistics industry. Technical advancement has helped improve efficiency and safety in the delivery of goods. The amalgamation of GPS trackers into last-mile delivery is helping businesses bring much smoother delivery operations into action.

GPS tracking is the most popular choice for last-mile tracking. And why won’t it be? It is accurate, relatively cheaper and user-friendly. It has become an essential part of the delivery process as it helps with tracking of carriers and drivers.

Using GPS trackers in last mile tracking, businesses can monitor the drivers’ real-time progress and identify delays and deviations from assigned routes. Also, it will help determine timely and correct deliveries. Not to forget, this will help delivery businesses save tons of money.

What are the Benefits of GPS tracking in Last-mile Delivery Businesses?

Fast Deliveries

GPS tracker tracks and monitors your driver’s progress in real-time. It helps managers by providing them with route data. In addition, tracking and storing the data will help avoid traffic and roadblocks in future.

Enhanced Visibility

GPS tracking provides managers real-time delivery status information. They can view this information through the software with a side of essential insights suggesting ways to upgrade the delivery process.

Furthermore, this data will help companies detect anomalies and smooth out their delivery operations.

Improved Delivery Efficiency

Using GPS tracking, fleet managers can optimise delivery routes and decrease the duration and cost of deliveries. This will increase the chances of successful deliveries and bring down the cost of the process. With this, businesses can pass on their savings to customers through discounts or free delivery.

For example, last-mile businesses utilising GPS tracking can easily avoid congested roads by quickly re-routing their agents.

Benefits of gps tracking in last mile delivery business

Better Customer Experience

The best part of integrating last-mile operations with GPS tracking is that it makes it possible to gain customer satisfaction. It provides customers with real-time status and updates on their parcels.

This increase in transparency and accountability is a sure-shot way of winning over your customers.

Data-Driven Decisions

A good amount of data is generated by the GPS trackers that can be utilised to optimise the delivery process. By analysing data on routes, delivery time and success rate, managers can formulate plans to smoothen operations further. With the help of the data, the last-mile delivery process can become efficient and cost-effective.

Enhanced Security

GPS tracking acts as an added layer of security for businesses and customers. Businesses can track the parcels to prevent them from getting lost. At the same time, the customers feel confident that their goods will be delivered safely and on time.

How Can TrackoMile Help Your Delivery Fleet?

TrackoMile is a last-mile delivery tracking software that utilises data from GPS tracking to help its users make the best out of its already technically rich solutions. There is no way that your last mile operations won’t be optimised through it. 

It is helping last-mile delivery businesses achieve a union of customer satisfaction and cost optimisation through solutions and features like:

Dynamic Dispatch Management

Dynamic dispatch management is crucial because it helps the business to dispatch orders on time. It does so by automating the pairing of orders with the delivery agent. Furthermore, it prioritises parcels that are on express delivery.

It uses GPS tracking to track the available vehicles and drivers for delivery of orders, thus utilising the available resources optimally.

Route/Trip Planning and Optimisation

Route optimisation solution – the game changer for last-mile delivery companies. Through it, they can reduce the process’s duration and cost. It does so by suggesting the most suitable route for the delivery.

Additionally, it records and utilises the data from GPS tracking so that routes that are unsuitable for delivery, have too much traffic, or have been deviated get avoided.

Gps tracking gain visibility of the riders activity

Field Staff Management

Get real-time visibility of your field staff by tracking them in real-time through GPS trackers. Automation of tracking helps businesses also track the ongoing delivery operations and detect anomalies faced by the drivers.

Also, this adds to the accountability of the delivery agent’s actions, and the reason behind the delays and failed delivery can be detected.

Driver Roster Management

Driver roster, too, requires data from GPS tracking systems to form the schedule. Only when you can track the whereabouts of your vehicles and drivers can you form their daily schedules.

Analytical Reports

Analytical reports are a perfect way to view the GPS tracking data in a consolidated manner. For example, managers can view the required rerouting or the times drivers deviate from the assigned path. Not only this, but they can view the duration of each delivery and fuel consumed, etc.

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Track Your Vehicles and Assets With TrackoMile’s GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking is the game changer for last mile delivery businesses.

Access to real-time information and tracking system allows managers to ensure that the drivers reach their destination on time and deliveries are made seamlessly. In addition, the last-mile delivery software providing GPS tracking makes gaining customer satisfaction and staying ahead of the competition possible.

TrackoMile is a last-mile delivery software offering GPS tracking and integrated data solutions, thus helping last-mile businesses deliver packages seamlessly.

How Can GPS Tracking Improve Your Last-mile Deliveries?

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