How ‘Service and Maintenance’ by TrackoBit is Transforming Fleet Management Business

How ‘Service and Maintenance’ by TrackoBit is Transforming Fleet Management Business

There are many GPS Tracking software out there. How to decide which is best for us? With the advent of technology, now the use of GPS is not just limited to tracking.

Fleet owners are looking for more than just a GPS Tracking solution. They want a complete package that brings their scattered work into one place. 

One such imperative task is to maintain a service and maintenance database of all the vehicles in the fleet. Humanly it is not possible to remember the maintenance schedule of hundreds of vehicles. So, you maintain a separate document for servicing schedules, permit renewals, insurance expiries and whatnot. 

TrackoBit especially introduced a Service and Maintenance feature to put an end to this problem of fleet owners. 

How ‘Service and Maintenance’ by TrackoBit is Transforming Fleet Management Business

Fleet Management Service and Maintenance

Commercial vehicles are a lifeline of developing as well as developed economies across the world. No country in the world can afford transportation to come to a standstill. Apparently, owning a commercial fleet would require the necessary paperwork.

It’s like a complete database of your fleet’s service and maintenance details. You can store information related to pollution certificates, insurance renewal, road tax and other necessary permits. 

It’s stored on the portal online that you can access from anywhere, at any time. Not only that, you get reminders when a renewal is due for any document. Now forgetfulness will not cost you a fortune. Let’s discuss it at length in the next segment. 

What You Get

  • Consolidated Database

We understand how taxing it could be to switch tabs and scroll through files in search of documents of a particular vehicle in a fleet of a thousand vehicles. When our clients came to us with this problem, we offered them ‘Service and Maintenance. 

You can save essential details related to documents PUC certificates, Insurance, fitness permit and other permits in one place. All such information will just be a few clicks away. It’s a one-time process to feed in details but saves you from a lifelong hassle. 

  • E-vault

The world is digitising at a lightning-fast speed. Gone are the days when fleet owners were afraid of misplacing/damaging essential documents. None of our clients stockpiles the copy of original documents, anymore. 

With E-vault, we provide them with a safer option to store their papers in one place. You can access the documents such as licences, permits, insurance, etc. on the web as well as the App from anywhere. It’s like your online locker to store your documents safely.

  • Reminders

Reminder announcements are the most popular feature amongst our clients. You start getting reminders about the next servicing appointment, insurance renewal, permit renewal, etc. fifteen days prior to the expiry date, like a countdown. Vehicle numbers and other necessary details are mentioned there in the announcement. 

Now you don’t have to check the database daily or weekly to be abreast of upcoming renewals or service appointments. A sigh of relief for most of our clients!

Aren’t these three features like a life savour? They save you so much time and energy that can be invested in something better and more productive. That’s how we optimise Fleet Management for business owners.

How ‘Service and Maintenance’ by TrackoBit is Transforming Fleet Management Business

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