9 Reasons to Buy a GPS Tracker for Vehicles

9 Reasons to Buy a GPS Tracker for Vehicles

GPS trackers for vehicles can do away with all your worries when it comes to optimising and gaining the visibility of the vehicles on the road. When combined with a vehicle tracking solution, the results are mind-blowing!

Are you struggling to gain visibility of your vehicles? Do you believe that constant calling is the only way for you to gain updates? Then we feel sad for you because you have still not been introduced to – GPS trackers

GPS trackers are the solution to every problem related to gaining control and ensuring optimisation of the vehicles on the road. When combined with vehicle tracking software, fleet trip efficiency gets elevated and can help you win over customer satisfaction. We give not 1 but 9 reasons to invest in GPS trackers for vehicles.

What is a GPS Tracking System?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System and entails a network of 24 satellites in orbit and devices on the ground. It helps to establish the vehicles’ location precisely. GPS tracking for vehicles has three different sets: positioning, navigation and timing. 

Though GPS tracking for vehicles has been around for a long time, but new uses for GPS tools continue to crop up, such as measuring speed, tracking and optimising routes, calculating distance and more.  

How Does GPS Tracking for Vehicles Work?

GPS tracking uses satellites orbiting the Earth to broadcast vehicle location and status to the concerned person continuously. This is continuously monitored by the GPS Master Control Station on the Earth for high accuracy and smooth functioning. 

The GPS trackers on Earth receive these signals and interpret the unique data. The data is further processed by software like vehicle tracking solutions. The solution converts raw data to refined insights for owners to take the right actions.

9 Reasons to Buy a GPS Tracker for Vehicles

GPS trackers offer numerous benefits for vehicle owners and businesses. Here are some compelling reasons to consider buying GPS trackers for businesses:

1. Real-time Tracking

The primary reason to buy a GPS tracking device for vehicles is for tracking vehicles on the road. There are various kinds of GPS trackers in the market. Some need to be installed in the vehicles, whereas some can be mounted by plugging them. 

With the combination of GPS trackers and vehicle tracking systems, fleet managers can track their vehicles in real time and more accurately. You know what this means? No more extra efforts in locating vehicles. Find out where your vehicles are at any given time. 

2. Anti Theft

Closely related to the above reason but deserving of a category all its own is — theft. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) reported that over 1 million vehicles were stolen in 2022. Anyone could become a vehicle theft victim. 

A GPS tracker for vehicles provides you with the means to locate the vehicles’ real-time location and take prompt action. With a GPS vehicle tracker, companies can report the location of the vehicles to the police, increasing the chances of getting the vehicle back after it’s stolen. Furthermore, vehicles with GPS trackers have a centralised locking system that locks all vehicle functions through central control.

3. Increased Savings

GPS tracking for businesses is a must if they are looking to save some big bucks. Some insurance companies will lower vehicle insurance premiums if companies install a GPS tracker in trucks. In fact, several leading insurers offer up to 15% off your vehicle insurance rates for installing GPS. This can be for theft prevention, safer driving habits, vehicle security and easier post-theft recovery. 

Reasons to Buy a GPS Tracker for Vehicles

4. Get Prompt Help in Emergencies

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Many modern GPS trackers for vehicles have advanced features to help drivers in an accident. They can automatically contact emergency responders and broadcast locations to find vehicles quickly. Most GPS trackers can also be programmed to inform selected people if the vehicle breaks down or suffers a collision. 

5. Resource Optimisation

Driver behaviour monitoring with a GPS tracker is a great way to improve resource utilisation. Fleet managers might not be informed of drivers’ bad or risky driving habits until they are documented digitally by vehicle tracking software. It simply presents the data so businesses can take corrective measures to ensure driver and vehicle safety and utilisation.

6. Get Trip Details and Metrics

Advanced level GPS trackers are not just for tracking but, when combined with efficient fleet management software, can become a powerful tool/weapon. Fleet managers get insights and metrics such as:

  • Date and time a fleet trip started
  • Distance covered
  • Average speed, etc. 

Solutions like video telematics and driver behaviour monitoring track even potentially unsafe driving habits like harsh braking and acceleration. 

7. Improve Downtime

Besides fleet trip details, the more advanced GPS trackers also help you monitor the overall health of your vehicles, providing diagnostics and reminding when it’s time to get routine maintenance. It can also alert you to more serious issues so you know when it’s time for mechanic visits. This can help logistic businesses significantly reduce vehicle downtime.

8. Geofencing 

GPS trackers with vehicle tracking systems allow you to set up geofences and virtual boundaries that trigger alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a designated area. This is useful for monitoring unauthorised vehicle use and ensuring vehicles stay within designated service areas.

9. Boost Productivity

Integrating GPS trackers in trucks is a sure-shot guarantee that vehicle productivity will increase. Since the drivers know that they are being tracked and monitored, there is no way they can be lazy or detour from the assigned path. A vehicle tracking system will also reduce the amount of time drivers spend on the phone. This will ensure that drivers will arrive at their destination much faster.

Wrapping Up!

GPS vehicle tracking helps coordinate between multiple persons, keeps the vehicle safe, and allows users to view the vehicle performance indicators. Investing in this tracking solution provides many benefits at a very low cost. It is user-friendly and can be installed within minutes, which is why all types of users are adopting this low-investment system.

TrackoBit is a vehicle tracking solution that is comfortable with almost all kinds of GPS trackers in the market. The combination of GPS device and TrackoBit will provide visibility of every aspect of the fleet trip, such as driver behaviour analysis, route taken, speed and much more.

9 Reasons to Buy a GPS Tracker for Vehicles

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