SIM Based Tracking

Locate vehicles without worrying about internet connectivity. It is a quick, easy and affordable tracking method that does not require device installations.

What We Offer

Tracking solutions that are easy to understand and light on the pocket.

Coin Bank

You get a Coin Bank in the portal itself to keep track of the coin transactions. How many coins are left, how many credited/debited, the balance along with the dates, source and the receiver. It’s a special feature that comes with a Sim Tracking system only.

Frequency Scheduler

It is not feasible for managers to manually track devices for live updates at a regular interval. We are all humans, after all. TrackoBit gives you an option to schedule the tracking process. You get to set the frequency of the hits and procure data automatically.

Regular Reports

You get a separate report for every vehicle. You can access the travel history online on the app and the web portal or download it for future use. It has location, time and geographical coordinates mentioned in it.

Benefits for Sim Based Tracking

Cost-effective Tracking 

Sim based tracking requires no capital expenditure on a tracking device. Therefore, there are no overheads for its installation and maintenance either. You just need to pay a meagre amount for the tracking services.

Hassle-free Installation

All you need is a phone number, operator name and permission to track. That is it! You mention these details on the portal to get it all started. It will not take more than an hour to get started and sometimes even less.

No Term-payments

You do not make term payments for Sim tracking services. Just pay as you go. You are charged a mere one coin per hit. No need to pay for the days when you do not use the service.

No Wear and Tear

As there is no need for installing the device, chances of wear and tear are none in sim based tracking solutions. No damage happens to the vehicle. The vehicle stays in the pristine condition as the original.

Internet not required

It works well and unhindered even in remote areas where internet connectivity is poor or unavailable. As it does not require internet connectivity to function. It works on the cellular network.

It’s Absolutely Legal

YOh yes! Tracking sim is not illegal as long as the consent is provided by the person. It’s illegal to track someone’s phone without them knowing about it. We strictly comply with rules and regulations.

Get Going in Three Simple Steps

All you need is a phone with a working sim to get started. Our sim based tracking system accepts all types of mobile sets, including feature phones. 

Enter phone number

Feed the phone number that you want to track into the software. Our system sends an SMS seeking consent to the same number.

Get the Consent

It’s important to get the permission of the sim owner to start tracking their phone.

Voila, start tracking!

As the network operator receives the consent, the tracking process starts within half an hour.

Reduce Carbon Footprints

Climate change is real. The world is going gaga over reducing carbon emissions. TrackoBit’s new age fuel management system not only helps in reducing carbon footprints but also promotes environment-first ethos.

No doubt, the logistics industry has simplified our lives in more ways than people can comprehend. However, we are trading off the environment for a better lifestyle. Transport alone accounts for 9 Billion T of carbon footprints. That’s roughly 17% of the total emission.

Fuel monitoring software ensures a good return on investment in terms of money as well as our responsibility towards the environment. 

We Are Everywhere

We have highly responsive software that user friendly and easy to use on any device – laptop, phones or tablets. TrackoBit offers a dynamic web portal and robust mobile apps for both, Android and IOS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is sim based tracking solutions?

Sim based tracking is all about determining the location of the vehicle/person with the help of a sim. It shares the geographic coordinates derived from the nearest cellular tower. As the vehicle/employee moves, the sim keeps sharing the data on a regular interval that you receive on the app.

It is more affordable than conventional tracking solutions as you do not need to install a device or pay for its maintenance to get real-time tracking services. Read more

When and where are sim based tracking solutions used?

Sim based tracking comes in handy when you want to track a vehicle or consignment but do not have enough time to install a GPS Tracker. Especially, when vehicles are hired on an ad hoc basis or rented for a few days.

Do I need internet connectivity for sim based tracking?

No, you do not need an internet connection for sim based tracking to function. That’s the beauty of it.

Do I need to buy new sims or regular sim from any operator will work?

With TrackoBit you get liberty in this case. Our system supports almost all telecom operators. In case you are doubtful about it. You can always get in touch with us to know more.

What is the validity of the coins purchased from TrackoBit?

TrackoBit’s Sim based tracking system works on the pre-paid model. You purchase coins that are stored in your coin bank. The validity of coins is 1 year. They lapse after 365 days.

What kind of phone is required for sim based tracking?
  • Any phone works well for sim based tracking as long it’s functional. You do not need a smartphone, in fact, the old school feature phones are also good for the job. 
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