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We provide solutions for every industry. Of all the modules and features available, choose the ones that best suit your requirements. We’ll build a bespoke Fleet Management System for you.

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Industries We Track
Fleet Management

Logistics and Transport

Always stay one step ahead in the fleet management game with real-time visibility, automatic vehicle diagnostics, streamlined operations and commendable compatibility with sensors. Improve your bottom line with the future-ready GPS tracking software. Improve margins by limiting operations costs. Enhance vehicle utilization with automation and AI.

  • Route Deviation
  • Trip Management
  • Temperature Monitoring
Employee Monitoring

Field Force Management

Keep track of field force movement, employee attendance, tasks assigned/executed and employee expenditure/remunerations in one digital space. Ensure employee safety when they are in the field, monitor working hours, assist them remotely and analyse their performance.

  • Attendance Management
  • Navigation Support
  • Points of Interest
Asset Tracking

Construction and Mining

Prevent vehicle downtime, possibilities of frauds and unnecessary idling of equipment. Get the most out of your assets by ensuring maximum utilization of equipment. Mixed asset management software monitors their real-time performance and spots potential complications as you get spot-on analytics to act on.

  • Real-time Alerts
  • Load Sensing
  • Smart Geofencing
Precision Farming


Data-driven farming is the way forward. Manage high-value equipment remotely, monitor farm activities, how much area ploughed, tilled or cultivated, pay per sq meter area done and keep all metrics in one place. You can anytime go back and refer to reports or history to cross-check records. The playback feature with the bird-eye view helps in recreating the scenario.

  • Immobilisation
  • Engine Off/On
  • Fuel Monitoring
Equipment Monitoring

Medical and Healthcare

Optimizing healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector with robust GPS Tracking solutions. It enables tracking healthcare equipment, locating nearby ambulances, monitoring the temperature of the pharma freights and managing remote medical care units. You get one simple, user-friendly platform to manage it all.

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Live Tracking
  • Temperature Monitoring
Trip/Tour Planning


Our trip management solutions optimize every step right from route planning to delivery of the goods. You get loading status, ETAs notifications, status alerts and proof of delivery in real-time. Prevent temperature fluctuation in refrigerated trailers and ensure the security of goods from far away.

  • Tire Pressure Management System
  • Door Sensors
  • Real-time ETA & POD
Passenger Transportation

Public Transport

Plan routes efficiently, monitor timely arrival and departure, ensure passenger safety at all times. GPS Tracking system is a must in public transport to keep a check on rash driving, prevent vehicle breakdowns and automate servicing and maintenance of the vehicles. SOS button for passengers is an essential feature too.

  • Panic Button
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Driver Behaviour Management
Garbage Collection and Disposal

Waste Management

Managing waste collection involves micromanagement as it’s imperative to cover each route, avenue and residence without a miss. Do everything in one place – from assigning duties to drivers to collecting and dumping garbage in the right place at the right time. TrackoBit has simplified the entire process with automation as our contribution to the Swachh Bharat Movement.

  • 6-month History
  • Trip Playback
  • Route Planning
Rental Asset Management

Rental Vehicles

Stay ahead of the curve and automate the rental business with advanced Telematics and IoT solutions. You get data that you can act on instantly. You receive emergency alerts in case of accidents, rash driving and territorial infringement. Enjoy customer satisfaction with flexible tariffs and generate automatic invoices.

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Nearby Utilities
  • Travel Summary

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